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A Culinary Collaboration with the Face Your Food App (download from iTunes) and the Face Your Food Website

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Twisting Strands of Knowledge
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Welcome to “The Twisted Kitcheneer”

Merging my engineering sensibilities with culinary creativity, I apply a bold and efficient approach to food, equipment and space. I create, coax and construct dishes to accommodate all lifestyles, needs and palettes. Some ideas and final products might seem a bit twisted, but therein lies the charm.

The Twisted Mission:

No crucifying carbs, ferreting-out fats or counting calories. My mission is to Twist ingredients, recipes and culinary perceptions into tasty, easy-to-prepare, healthful versions. It’s a kitchen crusade to turn the naughty into nice, unpleasant into unforgettable, and to uncover fantastic foods and magnificent meals hiding in plain sight. No diets or portion control, just plates presented with a balance of nutrients having full flavor and offering a satisfying experience.

The “Face Your Food” Collaboration

The Twisted Kitcheneer is born of “Face Your Food” (FYF) project (App / Site). This newsletter has an independent mission and personality, but also serves as a portal for you into FYF happenings (Best Of’s, Giveaways, Notices, etc.). You don’t need to be part of the FYF Community to enjoy The Twisted Kitcheneer, but if you are, your activity on FYF can find its way to many more eyes, increasing your culinary exposure even more.

Your Twisted Experience Includes:

Face Your Food: Recipe of the Week! & Top FB Chefs

Tasty Tips: Ingredient Substitutions & Additions

Ways of the Twisted: Techniques, Wisdom, Ingenuity, Savers, Tricks, Efficiency and Tools

Coaxes for Kids: How I “guide” my kids into healthier alternatives

Palate Pleasers: Seemingly Odd (but Awesome) Food Pairings

Savvy Shopping: Because cooking starts with what you buy!

Tried-and-True Recipes: What I eat and prepare

Food Flops: Cautionary & Amusing Tales of Food Gone Wrong!

The Twisted Blog: My Thoughts (Help Us All!)

Vid Demo’s: As available